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Manjushri Statue - Nepal - Second half 20th century (23 cm)

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Kavelnummer 18980569

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Good condition, see description.

Manjushri God of Devine Wisdom,

This graceful sculpture depicts Manjushri, one of the three central Bodhisattvas in the Buddhist pantheon, seated in a relaxed posture known as the 'rajalila asana' or the posture of 'kingly ease' upon a double lotus base.

Another bodhisattva who assumed an independent stature from early times, Manjushri symbolizes wisdom, as Avalokiteshvara does compassion.

Since wisdom is a greatly honoured quality in Buddhism, Manjushri's position in the pantheon is among the highest.

Here in an exceptional three coloured patina and silver eyes.
In Tibetan Buddhism, he is also a yidam. His name means "Gentle Glory" in Sanskrit. Mañjuśrī is also known by the fuller name of Mañjuśrīkumārabhūta, or as Wenshu Guangfa Tianzun ( 文殊广法天尊) in the Chinese language.

Manjushri is identified by three primary attributes;

A sword he wields to cut through ignorance, a book (the Sutra of Transcendent Wisdom, the Prajnaparamita) and a lotus flower.

Meandering across Manjusri's torso is a double-stranded meditation cord symbolizing purity, it marks his status as a member of the Brahmin caste. He is seated in sharanagamana mudra or teaching gesture.

Beautifully cast, the sculpture exhibits the fleshy cheeks, large eyes and elongated proportions that are typical of the region.
In fact, portable statues from Nepal were dispersed throughout Tibet, China and Central Asia, and their influence upon works from these regions was profound.

This piece is an exceptional find and of great craftsmanship, depicted in a three coloured patina. Fire quilded and with deep 3-dimensional ingravings with sterling silver eyes and necklace and arm and legs charms.
Even the top of the base is surrounded in a sterling silver ornament.

Three coloured patina's are only used by the best craftsmen and they use it as an example to demonstrate their skills.
There for they are realy unique and rare finds. Mostly they come in pairs and kept private and for show piece only.

The Gentle Glory Prince sits atop a double lotus base with broad petals. The base of the piece is sealed with a double vajra symbolizing the balance of the four elements and harmony of the four directions.

This lost wax method copper sculpture is a one of a kind statue and was handcrafted in Baktapur, Nepal by master artisans of the Shakya clan who are considered among the best in the world.

These craftsmen are the modern heirs to a centuries-old tradition of creating sacred art for use in temples and monasteries.
The fine metalworking techniques have been passed down from generation to generation since ancient times.

The Manjushri mantra, is as follows.

"Om A Ra Pa Ca Na Dhih"

One of the translations for this mantra could include the following.

Om – Not only can Om be considered to be the essence of the five wisdoms, but it can also be reflective of an awareness of the surrounding universe. “My mind and heart are open to the truths that follow.”
A – Is often in references to the ideal that the essence of nature is unproduced.
Ra – This is often reflective of the ideal that all things are free from defilements.
Pa – This leads to the ideal that all dharmas have been “expounded in the supreme sense.”
Ca – Is often in reference to the ideal that the arising and cessation of things cannot be wholly understood because, in reality, there is no arising and cessation to start with.
Na – This is representative of the belief that while the names for things may change, the true nature of them cannot be changed.
Dhih – This is often defined with the meaning of “prayer” or “understanding” or “reflection.”

Statue Details;

- Materials: Nepalese Copper, hand made, Lost wax method.
- Sterling Silver Ornaments and Eyes
- Total height: 24cms / 9.5 inch
- Base width & depth: 16.5cms x 11cms x height: 5.5cms
- Weight: +/- 2.480 kgs
- Provenance : Bhaktapur, Nepal. Formely acquired in the mid 80ies and till this
- time in a private Dutch collection.

- Shipping costs with in The Netherlands will be 29.99 Euro. The Statue will be very well packed and sent by registered mail only.

** Al my precious statues are rare finds, and exceptionally beautiful. The shown pictures only reflect a glimpse of their true beauty.

Nl NewAge  

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    nicolaenricanoi2 20 juli 2018

  • mooie mala, goed verpakt, snel geleverd en goede communicatie met verkoper die me goed en pro actief heeft geinformeerd over de levering!

    user-6d7b9c5 1 juni 2018

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    Trop neuf mais conforme au photo
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    user-0896c62 22 april 2018

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  • Zeer goed verpakte en correcte levering en gehouden aan alle afspraken. Prettig zaken gedaan te hebben.

    creative79 6 april 2018

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    Pay Eur99.99 but use China Post Eur36.9 long delayed delivery time, just a small ordinary parcel of 3 kg, claim to charge high packing cost and time to follow ???
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    LeeandArt2017 4 januari 2018

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    First Giving a lot of credit. After recieving the Parcel and give a 100% Feedback. Due to internal postal mistake, not made by me as sender of the parcel but by the postal office!. Giving continous update's of the parcel during it's time of delay, but by buyer only seen as waste of time. Not to mention the perfect packing, communication and pictures, sended on forehand an during transit etc. And after wards complaining of the long transit time and shipping cost. Shipping cost are clear and transparant and given at first hand before the auction. I'am sorry but now i know again that i cannot due it right for everybody.. Feel very dissapointed..
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    Magnifique merci
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    faicoco 21 november 2017

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    Ok for item, exactly as described. Excellent protective packaging
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    3030638 10 oktober 2017

  • Hallo nu heb er geen twijfel over of het authentiek is maar zeker niet uw conform uw aangeboden foto's, maar even goed n mooi (met wankelpootje) exemplaar was dus nogal verbaast. mvg cq

    cq95 28 oktober 2016

    Reactie verkoper
    Geachte Heer Qualm, de Tibetaanse Wierook Brander / Houder is zeker authentiek.. met turkoois steentjes..uitgevoerd.. over de herkomst hoeft u zich geen zorgen te maken en zoals u van mij gewend bent en mooi product en zeer goed verpakt.. omdat het handwerk is en geen massa productie nu helaas met wankelpootje zoals u omschrijft, mij is het niet opgevallen. mijn excuses .. Misschien wilt u overwegen u review bij te stellen, dat zou ik althans op prijs stellen. Met vriendelijke groet, New Age
  • Ik goede staat ontvangen. Ziet er leuk en niet alledaags uit. Zat goed verpakt en werd netjes bezorgd binnen een dag of vijf.

    Monicamaessen 21 oktober 2016

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    U geeft een neutrale Feedback.. Was er ietst waardoor u niet tevreden bent met het ontvangen artikel..
    mvg New Age

  • Beide ontvangen mooi zetje bij elkaar erg tevrede, goed verpakt en snelle levering, heel blij mee en nog bedankt voor de wierook en ik houd je shop in de gaten dus wellicht tot de volgende TOP =;-)

    cq95 15 oktober 2016

  • Beide ontvangen mooi zetje bij elkaar erg tevrede, goed verpakt en snelle levering, heel blij mee en nog bedankt voor de wierook en ik houd je shop in de gaten dus wellicht tot de volgende TOP =;-)

    cq95 10 oktober 2016

  • Precies zoals ik verwacht had, heel mooi

    Margaret1097 19 augustus 2016

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    Excelente objeto. Muy bien embalado.
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    bluechester 13 juli 2016

  • snel geleverd, goed verpakt en alles prima in orde

    Peterart 6 juli 2016

  • Snel geleverd en mooi item.

    eddie2 22 april 2016

  • Mooi item, snelle levering!!

    Rienreek 21 maart 2016

  • The Ghanta bel & Dorje are of very good quality. Thanks for the present!

    chantie66 9 maart 2016

  • Snel geleverd goed in gepakt en een leuk cadootje er bij gedaan

    Pinooke 12 februari 2016

  • Midden 19de eeuw? ik geloof het echt niet! Eerder Midden 20ste eeuw of later. Hoe komt u erbij dat deze Kapala antiek zou zijn?

    cyberbep 16 december 2015

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