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Ettore Sottsass & Perry King by Olivetti - Valentine typewriter

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OLivetti Valentine 1969

1969, Italy

Olivetti Valentine. In very good condition.

The Italian designer Ettore Sottass along with Perry King designed this typewritter for Olivetti in 1969.

It is part of the permanent collection of the MOMA in New York, it has passed through the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam and Pompidou of Paris...
Winner of the Golden Compass.
It is part of the permanent collection of the Triennlale Design Museum in Milan.
It was also in the collection of David Bowie auctioned in 2016 by Sotheby's.
Material ABS.

In 2009 four students of the University of Applied Art of Vienna, department of Industrial Design, created a notebook project as a tribute to the venerated Valentine. Imitating the concept.

The book dedicated to Ettore Sottsass, of Phaidon editions, dedicates its front and back cover to this typewriter. Book not included.

Dear Mr Valentine, this is to tell you you're my friend, and that I have the intention to write many letters to you... the user's guide says of the Olivetti Valentine typewriter.

Olivetti Valentine is a famous model portable typewriter, launched by the Italian brand Olivetti. It was produced for the first time in 1969, and was designed by Perry King and Ettore Sottsass, becoming a classic of the design industry. Ettore Sottsass wanted to break the old ideals of how to work in offices and Olivetti valentine would create a more flexible way of working, since it was light and portable. Sottsass said: The Valentine was designed for all environments, except for the office.

When I was young, all I have heard about was the functionalism, the functionalism, the functionalism' said Sottsass. 'It is not enough. The design has to be also sensual and exciting.

The red is the colour of the communist flag, the colour which makes a surgeon move faster and the colour of passion.

The first model produced was of a shiny red colour, very different to the characteristic discreet colours of typewriters. The distinctive colour was calculated to bring vitality and enjoyment to the office world in the decade of 1960. It can be presumed that Ettore Sottsass was influenced in the pop American culture of the 60s, not only in the colour choice, but also in the plastic material choice (replacing the traditional metallic case) and also in its own name inspired on Valentine's Day which is celebrated in USA.

Valentine was invited for its use in any place, except in an office, in order not to remember any of the monotonous work hours, but also to keep company enthusiasts poets on quiet Sundays, or to provide a very colourful object on a table in a studio apartment.

Another revolution were its floating keys, protected on the front part by a bar which copied the shape of the Volvo's bumper from the era. Also to increase the size of the white keys over the black background of the keys became another one of its features.

Its particular feature of being portable is reflected in various points:
- Decrease in overall dimensions.
- Weight reduction.
- Plastic case with handle.

Even though the almost 5.5 kg make incomprehensible the portability of the Valentine according to current standards (which led Sottsass to propose that the typewriter only had capital letters to reduce the weight and the mechanism complexity) in the main product, this proposal was not specified.

Regarding the technology side there were no innovations, the Valentine was entirely based on a previous prototype of Olivetti called 'Lettera 32'. The innovation was on another level, it was peculiar and was both a fashion accessory as well as an office typewriter.

This typewriter became one of the industrial design icons, and nowadays it is being exhibited in the MOMA (Museum of Modern Arts) of New York, as one of the Italian design icons.

As well as many predecessors, Olivetti launches this typewriter with a series of contemporary artists posters. This tradition goes back Adriano Olivetti to the decade of the 30s. He enriches his objects of technical design with graphic designers, writers, artists, pioneers and advertisers. The result is office typewriters which reconciling the technical simplicity and style. The model was launched through posters drawn by the famous graphic designer Milton Glaser, famous for his 'I love New York' logo.

Typewriter complete with new ribbon+ case.

Dimensions: 4x13x13.5 inches.

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