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Extra Large Fine Quality lush Green Nephrite Jade Polished Tumble - 47 x 13 x 9.5 cm - 11.6 kg

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Kavelnummer 18664903
Extra Large Fine Quality lush Green Nephrite Jade Polished Tumble  - 47 x 13 x 9.5 cm - 11.6 kg

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From Thagao Afghanistan

Presenting here Extra large Cabinet Size Lush Green Color Polished Nephrite Jade Tumble from Thagao mine Afghanistan. A Very High Quality Nephrite With Top Polish and Color and self standing Position. More Translucent than usual and better than other Pakistani Nephrite. Best for Interior decoration for house and Office. Also great material for Meditation and healing Purpose as Nephrite has high healing power. It can fits into any Collection and will enhance beauty of any Collection. Do not miss it.

Item : Nephrite Jade Tumble
Origin : Thagao mine Afghanistan
Treatment : Natural and Untreated
Shipping : Standard International Shipping With Tracking number

Following are some facts about Nephrite

Iron is the major influence of color in Nephrite Jades. Normally the gem is found in varying shades of green, from a grayish green to the most sought after emerald greens. Occasionally it will be found in yellows, browns and in rare instances, black or white. It is often found with white streaks of Magnesite across the surface and can contain minute amounts of lime and soda.

Meditation !!!

Nephrite has long been associated with healthy kidneys and other internal organs. It can also provide rejuvenating energies to give you new strength after a long illness or emotional trauma. The gem may increase white blood cells to help fight off dangerous organisms that attack your body. It will regulate your metabolism and provides women with relief from PMS, childbirth, and physical violence against our sexuality. If you have been a victim of rape or domestic violence, the loving energies of this stone will not only assist you in recovering from the emotional trauma, but will prevent the onset of traumatic illnesses that stress can cause.

Nephrite is found in China, Canada, US, the Alps, Taiwan, Russia, India, Germany and New Zealand. The Moari tribes of New Zealand carved Hei Tiki from the gem. These ancestral carvings were believed to protect them from disease and attack and were used in special ceremonies.

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About us !!!
All our Parcels are processed from UK. We export minerals of Pakistan and Afghanistan. If you have any question than feel free to ask. Thanks

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