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Picasso - La Celestina ilustrada por Pablo Picasso - 2007

Kavelnummer 18649173

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Kunst - Aantal: 1 - Genummerde uitgave

Object: Boek
Aantal boeken: 1
Onderwerp: Kunst
Auteur/ Illustrator: Picasso
Boektitel: La Celestina ilustrada por Pablo Picasso
Staat: Zo goed als nieuw
Publicatiejaar oudste object: 2007
Druk: Geïllustreerde druk
Taal: Spaans
Versie: Bron taal
Uitgever: Espasa
Band: Mix / Meerdere
Extra's: Genummerde uitgave

La Celestina. Ilustrada por Picasso

Unique, limited edition of 2,998 copies.

This is the first edition in Spanish of La Celestina. Ilustrada por Picasso, after the original French edition of 1971.
The French edition of La Célestine had a special feature in its pages: each illustration appeared on the side of a sheet folded on the outside with the text on the other side. This way the text doesn't show through, as it may happen if it were on the other side of the sheet. This is reproduced in the present edition, and involves the individualized handling of each one of these sheets. The original location of each illustration, decided by Picasso, is accurately repeated here. Each illustration comes with an authorization by Sucession Picasso at the foot. This is the only official organization managing all the rights and authorizations for Pablo Picasso’s works. This control authorization also appears on the inner side of the folded pages, on the back of the illustration. It’s printed on a grey shaded area. The 3-colour illustrations reproduce the artist’s proofs (épreuves d’artiste) kept in property by the Fundación Bancaja in Valencia. These proofs are hand signed with pencil. They are maybe the best collection of Picasso’s graphic work in the world.

Each illustration is reproduced at 140% of the original size through a careful process of print and correction tests. The great quality of the original is always achieved.

The text is based on an updated edition of the version published in Valencia in 1514, now kept in the National Library in Madrid.


(Malaga, 25th of October, 1881 - Mougins, France, 8th of April, 1973)

The 20th century belonged to him.

During his 91 years of life, this brilliant draughtsman, painter, sculptor, ceramist and engraver, among other artistic expressions, turned his life into a revolution that marked the future of Western artistic expression. With more than 1,500 works in museums around the world, aside from the large private collections, he is still the most expensive artist.
The young Picasso travelled during his formative years to Corunna, Barcelona and Madrid, and finally to Paris. He settled there in 1904, and came into contact with the groups of artistic renewal of the time. At 20 he decided to use his mother’s surname, and so he started to be known as Picasso in the world of art. Prolific artist, he experimented from the start with the trends at the beginning of the century: Cubism, Neoclassicism, Surrealism, Expressionism. Many of his works have become social icons, as his Dove of Peace, the Guernica or the Les Demoiselles d'Avignon.

(La Celestina - 1904)
Throughout his life Picasso made more than two thousand engravings. Sometimes they are series or collections known as ‘suites’. Some examples are the Suite Vollard, named after the gallerist and collector who commissioned it, as well as the Suite 347, the Suite 356 or the Suite 60, named after the number of engravings of each one. The Suite 347 is the last one he made and printed in this life. He signed the artist’s proofs of each print.

‘Inspiration exists, but has to find you working’ PABLO PICASSO

A universal classic from the Spanish 15th century.

The work is published in 1499 with 16 acts, under the title of Comedy of Calisto and Melibea. The name of the author is not mentioned. After several editions with five new acts, the complete version of the Tragic Comedy of Calisto and Melibea is published in Valencia in 1514. It has 21 acts. The author, Fernando de Rojas (1465?-1541), decided to include these five acts that turned that ‘comedy’ into this ‘tragedy’. The Valencia edition is illustrated with xylographs, as can be seen int he original kept in the National Library, and has been the source of the text for this edition.
From the very beginning the work has been known as La Celestina. This character has named a ‘profession’ in Spanish, and has overcome the real protagonists of the plot: the two lovers of tragic ending. The success and distribution of the work were immediate to such an extent that 109 pre-1640 editions as well as German, Italian, Latin, and Hebrew versions have survived to our time. Today, the Tragic Comedy has a top place in the universal literature, as representative of the transition of the Spanish literature from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. After Don Quixote, La Celestina is regarded as the best work in Spanish.

‘Book in my opinion divine, had it hidden more of the human’. MIGUEL DE CERVANTES

Pablo Picasso’s Suite 347

In 1968 he is 86 years old but keeps a hectic pace. France lives the Paris-born social revolution of May 1968. Between the months of March and October, from his home in Notre Dame de Vie, located in a small village of the French Riviera called Mougins, Picasso makes a series of 347 small engravings, which draws directly on the plate. The brothers Crommelynck, responsible for printing his engravings, have moved to live near the artist's home. Picasso goes there every day, sometimes more than once, to correct or redo the plates. He writes the date on all of them. Given that he works directly on the copper, it appears reversed once printed. The Suite thus becomes a kind of ‘diary’ of what the artist sees, hears, imagines and lives in those tumultuous months. His expertise allows him to perform this titanic work using, among other techniques, the sugar engraving. This allows him to make his ink spots more dramatic. Crommelynck prints 50 complete collections, later sold as separated prints. Enjoying of a complete suite is then very hard today. He also printed five artist’s proofs (épreuve d’artist) of the complete collection, hand signed with a pencil.
The Fundación Bancaja allowed the publisher to access one of these existing collections of signed artist's proofs to prepare the original documents that allowed the high-quality reproduction required by an artist of this importance.

La Célestine - Picasso, French edition - 1971

Aldo Crommelynck, engraver and friend, proposes Picasso the edition of an illustrated book with a selection of those engravings of the Suite 347 just printed. He knows well Picasso and knows that La Celestina is one of his favourite books, he has read it with enjoyment and has a version of the edition printed in Valencia five centuries earlier, as well as a French edition. Picasso doesn’t hesitate a moment and selects 66 engravings of the Suite 347. These are interspersed with the work of Fernando de Rojas. In 1971 a single edition in French of La Célestine with illustrations by Pablo Picasso is published. Only 400 copies were printed, in a small size of 17.5 x 21.7 cm.


A volume made for a better understanding and enjoyment of La Celestina. Ilustrada por Picasso, by five specialists in several aspects of the work. The painting La Celestina (1904, Musée Picasso, Paris), from Picasso’s blue period, opens the volume as a frontispiece and reminds us the early interest of the painter in this literary figure.

Tragicomedia de CaIisto y Melibea. La época, el lugar, las brujas, by Antonio Prieto, emeritus professor of Literature. It is illustrated with a reproduction of the xylographs of the 1514 Valencian edition, kept in the National Library.

Picasso y La Celestina, by Pere Gimferrer, publisher and writer, member of the Royal Spanish Academy.

La Celestina de Picasso, by Brigitte Leal, curator of the National Art Museum Georges Pompidou, Paris, and former curator of the Musée Picasso in Paris.

La Celestina según Picasso, by Kosme de Barañano, professor of Art History.

Los grabados de Picasso para La Celestina, by Lourdes Cirlot, professor of Art History. A journey through each of the illustrations.


Size: 44.7 x 44.7 x 9 cm
Side opening with double hinge. Antibes blue Canapetta Extra 1450 cotton cover.
Exclusively-made high-density foam nest, with side slots to facilitate the removal of the aluminium case.
Inside cover: enlarged detail of the photograph of Pablo Picasso in Vallauris, 1957.


Size: 33 x 33 cm
Number of pages: 444 pages Reproduction of 66 illustrations by Pablo Picasso.
Folded, inserted in sections, gathered and hand sewn.
130 g Old Mill Bianco paper. Printing: two-colour texts and three-colour illustrations
Paperback edition with a 400 g semi-rigid cover printed in matt silver.
300 g Old Mill Bianco paper dust jacket printed in silver matt. Second dust jacket of 70 g glassine.
Numbered in the last page, with an excerpt of an affidavit.


Size: 35.5 x 35.5 cm
Top die cut with the painter’s signature.
Matt 5005 aluminium, similar to anodized, 2 mm thick.
It contains the book La Celestina and the book Estudios.


Size: 33 x 33 cm
Number of pages: 144 pages
130 g Old Mill Bianco paper.
5-colour printing.
Paperback binding with 300 g Old Mill Bianco paper, printed in matt silver.
Texts by 5 authors.
Pablo Picasso black and white photographs.

Grandes Obras de ESPASA / EBRISA.


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