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Rare Montblanc Collection

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Pre-owned: Collection, Collector's MB box, MB calfskin cipher black leather briefcase.

I have the honor to present you a superb and valuable collection of Rare Montblanc fountain pens representing pieces of Patron of Art Series and Writers Editions - pre-owned.
I've provided also limited edition numbers and/or serial of the entire lot.
Just three of them need some service, i will explain below.


All fountains pens - nib sizes M, B and F, in this collection in order of pictures:

1. Montblanc Hommage à Nicolaus Copernicus - Patron of Art – 2003 - 18k Nib
2. Montblanc The Patron of Art Edition Sir Henry Tate – 2006 – 18k nib
3. Montblanc Writers Edition Miguel de Cervantes – 2005 – 18k nib
4. Montblanc Writers Edition Edgar Allan Poe – 1998 – 18k nib
5. Montblanc Writers Edition Franz Kafka – 2004 – 18k nib
6. Montblanc Meisterstück LeGrand Diamond 75 – 1999 - 14k nib
7. Montblanc Writers Edition Ernest Hemingway – 1993 – 18k nib
8. Montblanc Writers Edition F. Scott Fitzgerald – 2002 – 18k nib
9. Montblanc Meisterstück LeGrand 149 – 2005 – 18k nib
10. Montblanc StarWalker Platinum-Coated Doué – 2015 – 14k nib
+ Montblanc Collector’s box of ten pens
++Montblanc Black Leather Mens’s Briefcase with cipher

A few words about it..

1. Montblanc Nicolaus Copernicus 4810 -
- s/n ON DEMAND - as new
Nicolaus Copernicus’ view of the universe is the model for the Limited Edition created in his honour. Nine rings in 925 sterling silver encircle the anthracite-coloured lacquer barrel. The sun is symbolised by the greenish-glowing faceted meteorite stone that decorates the clip.

2. Montblanc Sir Henry Tate 4810 -
- s/n ON DEMAND - as new
The Patron of Art Edition Sir Henry Tate, strictly limited to 4810 fountain pens, is characterised by clear, tectonic shapes. The inspirational source is the neoclassical architecture of Tate Britain, the museum financed by Sir Henry Tate. The geometrical lines of the platinum-plated body and the decoration of the cap rings reflect characteristic elements in the style of the museum building. In elegant contrast, the cap and body feature red lacquer guilloche inlays and the cap head bears an ivory-coloured Montblanc star.

3. Montblanc Miguel de Cervantes -
- s/n ON DEMAND - as new
The design of the Writers Edition Miguel de Cervantes was inspired by the windmills whose shape is reflected in the writing instrument and clip. Their form, tapering in opposing directions, symbolises the different characters of the hero Don Quixote and his squire Sancho Panza.
The body of the Edition shines in brown marbled lacquer and is embellished with the writer´s signature. The handmade 18-karat gold nib is delicately engraved with the outline of a windmill.

4. Montblanc Edgar Allan Poe -
- s/n ON DEMAND - as new
As with Poe’s works, in which logic and the supernatural are linked in a unique way, the Writers Edition Edgar A. Poe also demonstrates a profound aesthetic sense in every detail. The fascinating midnight blue marbling effect on the cap and the barrel gives the pen a mysterious gleam.
Edgar Allan Poe’s gold-coloured signature is inscribed on the cap. Victorian ornamentation decorates the gold-plated ring under the clip and, as a further tribute to the author, the 18-karat gold nib has a delicate engraving of the raven from Poe’s famous poem.

5. Montblanc Franz Kafka -
s/n ON DEMAND - as new
The design of the Writers Edition Franz Kafka is not only reminiscent of the simple and yet artful style of its eponym, but also pays tribute to Kafka’s most famous work: “The Metamorphosis”. In the fascinating change from square to round in the writing instrument’s form, the metamorphosis described in Kafka’s story has found its equivalent.
Top, clip and rings made of 925 sterling silver offer a thrilling contrast to the dark red translucent aura of the barrel. A further reference to “The Metamorphosis” is on the rhodium-plated 18-karat gold nib: a finely engraved cockroach.

6. Montblanc LeGrand no.146 - 75th Anniversary of Passion and Soul
s/n ON DEMAND - as new
The Montblanc 75th Anniversary 149 features a gorgeous black precious resin body with rose gold vermeil clip and trimmings.75 YEARS OF PASSION is engraved around the rose gold ring at the top of the cap with a stunning diamond gently nestled in the O of PASSION. The top of the cap is adorned with the Montblanc star in a lovely mother-of-pearl, rather than the more traditional white enamel.
Only 1,924 of these beautiful creations were produced in 1999 in the 146 size. Subsequently having sold out the same year of production it is one of the most desirable and sought after Montblanc Miesterstucks.

7. Montblanc Ernest Hemingway -
s/n ON DEMAND - unfortunately needs restauration
The coral red and dark brown of the Writers Edition Hemingway is reminiscent of a Montblanc fountain pen from the 1930s – the decade in which Hemingway celebrated his earliest success.
The cap, with its gold-plated mountings and classical, gold-plated clip, bears the engraved signature of the writer. Rhodium-platings and an artistic engraving of a motif from Hemingway’s period decorate the hand-cut 18-karat gold nib.
Ernest Hemingway was undoubtedly one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, and he still inspires discriminating literature enthusiasts all around the world.

8. Montblanc F. Scott Fitzgerald -
sn ON DEMAND - little chipping on the cap / needs service
The Writers Edition F. Scott Fitzgerald revives the glamour of the "Roaring Twenties". The shimmering white barrel forms a striking contrast to the black precious resin cap, which is decorated by the signature of F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Dignified tribute is paid to the origins of the legendary Art Deco style by the delicately engraved 1920s urban skyline that decorates the rhodium-plated 18-karat gold nib.

9. Montblanc Meisterstück LeGrand 149 -
sn ON DEMAND - broken body cover on top / needs service
The Meisterstück 149 - a design that writes history. Deep black precious resin with gold-coated details, surmounted by the white star emblem and finished with a handcrafted Au750 gold nib, evolves into Montblanc’s design icon.
Piston Fountain Pen
Hand-crafted Au750 / 18 K gold nib with rhodium-coated inlay

10. StarWalker Platinum Coated Doué Fountain Pen -
sn ON DEMAND (2015) - as new
Highlighting the contemporary appeal of the StarWalker Collection, the platinum-coated Doué introduces modern sophistication and elegant contrasts. It strengthens the role of platinum in the writing instrument's composition, compared with the precious resin StarWalker. When combined with the classic black of the precious resin body, the shiny platinum-coated fittings reveal their full splendor. From the forepart to the cap and clip, their lustrous surfaces reflect the light in an irresistible manner and impart modern elegance to the writing instrument. The floating Montblanc emblem in the transparent cap-top delicately underlines the language of modern design.


--- the auctioneer has every SN of this collection, please dont hesitate to ask any detail
--- sold in Montblanc Meisterstuck Leather Pen Collectors Box - 10 pens
--- also packaged on Montblanc Calfskin leather cipher briefcase - black
--- everything depicted.

The evaluation on the market it's around +/- 22.000 euros ... i mention that the every piece of this collection was used but in good condition and the aquisition price was very high.

As a respect of this lot i feel that i need to make it on a reserve price... but to help a new collector to have this rare and valuable collection, the reserve price will be just 7000 euros.

I am a private collector and not affiliated with Montblanc in any way.

High protected package - sent insured and tracked package using high secured courier services (the shipping price shown is half of the total).
Thank you!

Fr CRBarb74  

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