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Mario Schifano - Il Gusto

Kavelnummer 18180945
Mario Schifano - Il Gusto

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Lithografie - Gesigneerd - originale - Zonder lijst - 1974

Techniek: Lithografie
Signatuur: Gesigneerd
Staat: Nieuw
Periode: 1970-1979
Titel van kunstwerk: Il Gusto
Kunstenaar: Mario Schifano
Jaar: 1974
Totale afmetingen (L/B/H in cm): 30/23.5
Editie: originale
Verkocht met lijst: Zonder lijst

5 colour photolithograph.
Dimensions: 23.5 x 30 cm.
Year of publication: 1974.
Signed ‘Schifano’ on bottom centre. Numbered on back.
Guarantee of authenticity of the work and of the signature by means of a dry stamp by BolaffiArte.

BolaffiArte was originated from a joint-venture between Alberto Bolaffi Jr. and Giorgio Mondadori in the mid-1960s and was among the first Italian art magazines. If it was not the first ever, he was certainly the only one to combine art and market. One of its most successful insights, aimed to create and educate collectors, was the creation of the collection ‘Le Copertine Firmate’. The then-editor in chief, Umberto Allemandi, who later founded his own publishing house obviously devoted to figurative arts, mustered more than one hundred painters and sculptors. They were asked to create an original work to be published in front of the magazine, that already had thousands of readers. Most of these artists already enjoyed international fame, others had just begun their journey into the world of painting or sculpture. All together, they formed a formidable team of actors meant to illuminate the 20th century art scene.
Mostly, it was the magazine that proposed the themes to be illustrated: The alphabet, the Arabic numerals, the deadly sins, the liberal arts, the colours of the rainbow, the nine Muses, the five senses and business acumen, the suits and the figures of playing cards, the signs of the Zodiac or, also, free subject.
For each work there was a limited run of 5,000 copies, each signed, numbered and marked (except for some irrelevant omissions) with the dry stamp of the publishing house to guarantee the originality of the signature, i.e. the cachet d’atelier.
Among the techniques used there were photolithography, screen printing, embossing and in some very rare cases even collage. The printing was of the highest quality, cured in every detail: up to nine colour transitions.
An important and characteristic feature of ‘Le Copertine Firmate’ by BolaffiArte was its great expressive freedom. Indeed, the collection brings together not just all the 20th-century pictorial and sculptural styles but also all schools and trends, thus allowing the reader to enjoy everything, like a big mosaic reproducing the whole artistic production. No distinction was made, no biased exclusion either. Figurative and conceptual artists were involved, as well as abstractionists and informalists, minimalists, hyperrealists and every kind of artist of the 20th century.

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