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Beautiful Multicolor Fluorite Specimens - 133 x 84 x 13 mm - 385.7 gm

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Kavelnummer 17762411

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Locatie: China
Veilingkosten: 9% van het winnende bod
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Belangrijkste mineraal / Naam meteoriet: Fluoriet
Minerale vorm / Soort meteoriet: Veel verschillende items
Dimensies (in cm): 133*84*13MM
Gewicht (in g): 385.7g
Oorsprong (Land): China

Natural/Lab-Created: Natural
Color: Green Purple Blue
Shape: Irregular
Gemstone: Fluorite
Grade: High Quality AAA+++

Chemical composition: CaF2

Geology: Fluorite, which is also called fluorspar, has a hardness of 4. It is not only a much sought after healing stone, but also, because of the great diversity of its crystalline forms and colors, a very popular stone to collect. Fluorite is found in nature as beautiful cubes and octahedron crystals. Due to its good facility, the octahedrons can also be cleaved into cubes. In glass and metal processing, fluorite was used in the Middle Ages as a flux for prophylaxis and it is still extracted in Germany, in the Black Forest. Sites where fluorite was once found, in the Oberpfalz region and other locations in Germany, have now been exhausted. The main sites, where fluorite can be found today, are in Spain, Madagascar, Mexico, the USA and, most of all, in China.

Historical tradition: "As in the Old Testament of the bible, following the flood, Noah sent out doves to find out, whether land could be found on Earth again. They reported, that all the rainbows begin to shine down to the Earth, in order to return its fantastic colors to it. Therefore,not only the plants regained their rich green color and the sea its deep blue, but also all living creatures once more showed their resplendent colors. After all the precious stones had regained their colors, only fluoride was left. All of the rainbows withdrew into this, in order to also remain on Earth". Since then, according to this old tradition, fluoride has displayed the fantastic colors of the rainbow. Above all, in China the stone is worn as a bringer of luck, to protect the wearer against black magic, color blindness and thoughts of committing suicide. Since it contains something of all stones in it, it is considered to be the stone of intuition, love, luck and confidence.

Curative and therapeutive effects on the body: Green fluorite regenerates the tissue of the lungs and heals asthmatic disorders. In this case, it soothes the over-sensitive enzymes of the lung tissue that are susceptible to allergic defense reactions. People who are directly, or through a member of the family, in contact with hay fever, migraine, eczema, nettle rash or gout should certainly carry green fluorite with them as a protective and healing stone against allergies, even if any indications of asthmatic disorders have not become apparent.

Curative and therapeutic effects on the mind: Since the colorful rainbow fluorite contains within itself almost all of the properties of the healing stones, it gives us something from each of these. However, these are not so concentrated as, for example, the deep blue of the azurite or the strong red of the ruby but, in its own characteristic way, they put us in wonderful harmony with ourselves. We are aware, because of wearing a fluorite, of more mutual tender love in partnership and friendship. Due to its strong inspiring effect on the brain and thought it promotes receptiveness, intuition and concentration. Fluorite takes away the anxiety from those who are facing an examination or test.

Shipping - All my minerals/fossils are shipped via priority registered air mail packed.
Shipping time depend on destination country, could take from 1 to 3 weeks. In some cases for countries on other side of the world shipping can take longer that normal 7-14 days. Please feel free to contact me regarding parcel tracking. Also I recommend to track them in your country.

Please read all descriptions - it's everything there. Pictures showing what you will get.
If you are not satisfied with our item, give us a chance to resolve the problem before leaving negative or neutral feedback.

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    !! Gute Ware !! Gerne Wieder !!
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    Raydemom 6 juni 2018

  • Tot nu toe niets ontvangen .
    Hoe lang duurt een verzending eigenlijk vanuit China ? Het laatste dat ik las is dat mijn bestelling op 20/4 Shanghai verliet....Tot nu toe geen bericht meer 25/4.

    Trismegistos 25 april 2018

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    Non ho ancora ricevuto nulla
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    giovanna69 12 april 2018

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    AEQUANO 8 maart 2018

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