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Lot of 2 hard&heavy lp' from USSR

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Kavelnummer 17160973
Lot of 2 hard&heavy lp' from USSR

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Early 90's and top condition

Mediabron: LP's
Staat: Zeer Goed +

1. E.S.T. "Attempt at writing"(Проба пера);
Recorded and pressed at Alien records, Russia, 1991.

Condition: lp - EX- (scratch on the 3rd track side 1); sleeve - EX (minor shabby).

First press!

"Electro-shock therapy" (abridged E.S.T.) - Soviet and Russian rock band playing in styles of hard rock and heavy metal. The group was organized in the USSR during the perestroika years.

The group was formed in 1986 by Jean Sagadeev and Andrei Guernesa. Already in 1987 E.S.T. joins the ranks of the Moscow Rock Laboratory, making his debut at the All-Union rock festival Sverdlovsk-Metalloplastika. Songs like "Katyusha", "10 merry years", "Batko, pity your horses", immediately become popular hits. At this point, the chefs of domestic and western recording companies became interested in the group, and she quickly won a place in the sun and went on her first foreign tour. A month-long tour of the cities of Germany caused a real sensation among the local rock public. The halls were packed to capacity, the newspapers received rave reviews.

The next tour of 1989 in Germany ended with recording on the American-German label "Destiny" a vinyl disc "Electro Shock Therapy", which was highly appreciated in the Western music press. E.S.T. alternate tours around the homeland with long tours in Western Europe (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Finland) and the United States.

1991 was marked for the band by participation in the main world rock festival and the largest concert in the history of Russia - "Monsters of Rock", in which E.S.T. played in front of an audience of 800,000 people, along with legends of world rock - AC / DC, Metallica, Pantera and Black Crowes...

Jean Sagadeev passed away on June 2, 2009. Musicians, who played at EST at different times, annually hold a concert of his memory.

2. Gorky Park (Парк Горького) "Gorky park";
Recorded in 1989;
Pressed in 1990 at SNC RECORDS, USSR;
Condition vinyl&sleeve - EX-

Górky Park is a Soviet, American and Russian rock band established in 1987 in Stas Namin Center in Moscow. In the late 80's it gained popularity in the USA. Known scenically in the form of "Russian kitsch", pseudo-folk costumes and Soviet symbols.

In August 1989, the self-titled debut album Gorky Park was released. In New York, clips were filmed for the songs "My Generation" and "Bang". Thanks to the growing interest in the West in the Soviet Union after the fall of the Iron Curtain, Gorky Park soon gained wide recognition in the United States. The single "Bang" got into the "Top-15" on American MTV and held there for two months, reaching 3 lines. The single "Try To Find Me" reached 81 positions on the Billboard Hot 100, making Gorky Park the first Russian band to hit the US national chart.
The album reached 80 lines on the Billboard 200, for three weeks from the beginning of sales, the circulation of which exceeded 300 thousand copies.

The next single was Peace in Our Time, which was written and recorded with John Bon Jovi (!!!). The composition was perceived "perfectly" and got a good rotation on the radio stations...

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    Sincerely, Dmitri.
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U kunt dit kavel ook ophalen bij de verkoper: Rybinsk (Yaroslavl region), Rusland.


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