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MISSION 792 175 Watts High End Speakers

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MISSION 792 175 Watts High End Speakers

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Locatie: Portugal
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Probably the most beautiful and aesthetic sound columns of Mission and the market, a brutal sound like monitors

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Probably the most beautiful and aesthetic speakers of Mission and the market, a brutal sound like monitors, not used 100% because they were only connected as rear channels. Brutal detail and serious, phenomenal stage.

Mission's 792 bookshelf speakers are at the very forefront of acoustic development. An example of excellence in British acoustic engineering, it is a integration of high-tech construction and material science with a styling and grace developed over numerous previous generations.

The Mission 792 bookshelf speakers represent a significant step-forward in enclosure design. The multi-layer cabinet construction utilises 3 different densities of resonant absorbing particle composite. The layers are co-bonded with RF activated resin to provide further isolation of vibration and prevent layer interaction. Each layer and material is tuned to damp different frequencies of cabinet resonance, combining to reduce lateral and longitudinal transmission of vibration significantly throughout the cabinet structure.

The Mission 792 bookshelf speaker uses Viotex which is an extremely fine weave material which is both incredibly light and, when woven into a matrix and impregnated, is also very strong. Capable of moving at incredibly high speeds with minimal inertia, Viotex not only improves the Mission 790 speaker's upper frequency response band limit and improves the detail resolution, making the Mission 792 bookshelf speakers incredibly natural and relaxed in performance.

Granitech is formulated to provide the Mission 792 bookshelf speakers with the best combination of rigidity, damping and acoustic isolation, 'Granitech' is a stone-like material with a granulated structure that breaks up sound-wave energy and provides an ultra-quiet structure. Cabinet coloration and resonance are entirely eliminated leaving only the Mission 792 drivers as providers of acoustic output.

Mission has pioneered the use of inverted driver geometry. By placing the treble unit below the bass or mid-range driver, the length of path so the waves coincide at the listener's head-height is equalized. This principle is known as 'time-alignment'. Some manufacturers use electrical correction to achieve the same effect, but by using IDG, Mission loudspeakers achieve the same objective without disruption to the delicate mid-range frequencies. The result is a very natural and coherent presentation.

All moving coil loudspeakers use some kind of magnet system to produce the movement within the voice-coil. The magnetic field, if unshielded can affect CRT televisions if placed in proximity to the field Mission use an inverted field shielding system and neodymium 'rare-earth' magnets which have a very concentrated flux density over the plane of the axis, but very little leakage towards the side of the magnet (and speaker). All Missions magnetically shielded loudspeakers are ideal for use in close proximity to all television sets or wherever magnetic interference is an issue

The objective of any internal loudspeaker design is to transmit as much of the music as possible to the drivers with the fewest possible components in the way to degrade the signal. By mounting the crossover section directly to the rear of the Mission 792 bookshelf speaker terminals, the signal path is shortened and number of internal connections reduced

The Mission 792 bookshelf speaker's bi-wire terminals are used to allow the bass and high frequency sections of a loudspeaker to be wired independently. Although all bi-wireable loudspeakers are supplied with 'bridging' clips, so that a single wire can be used if desired. Although the maximum benefit of bi-wiring is achieved through using two sets of amplifiers with different channels driving the bass and treble frequencies, there are still significant acoustic advantages to running two sets of cable (or a specialist bi-wire cable) from a single set of amplifier outputs When bi-amping (using two stereo amplifiers) with bi-wire speakers, it is recommended for each amplifier to be driving a bass and treble unit of one speaker, rather than having one amplifier driving both treble units and the other both bass units.

Frequency Response at 3dB
58Hz - 20KHz
•Sensitivity SPL/m/2.83V
•Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
Piano Black
•Recommended Amp Power
50 - 175 Watts
•Cabinet Volume in Litres
•Enclosure Type
2 - Way Reflex
8 Ohms
•3 different densities of resonant absorbing particle composite
•The Mission 792 bookshelf speaker uses Viotex fine weave material
•Granitech cabinet construction
•IDG (Inverted Driver Geometry)
•Direct Coupled Crossover
•Gold Plated Bi-Wire Terminals
•Heatsink Cooled Treble Unit
•Ferrofluid cooling
•Die-Cast Chassis
•Larger cabinet volume for larger rooms
•Frequency Response of 58Hz - 20KHz

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Pt jorgeazevedo74  

Aantal beoordelingen: 1
Lid sinds: 4 januari 2018
  • Seller sais he was ill and would be going on vacation soon. Never received any further message , nor confirmation of shipment !!!
    This is not a reliable seller. AVOID !

    danimieghem 12 juli 2018

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