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Battle Axe with drilled shaft-hole / Graffiti - 15,5 cm

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Kavelnummer 16231055

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Europe, 3500-1900 BC. Neolithic to early Bronze Age. 4th - 2nd Millennium BC

Object: Battle axe with drilled shaft-hole
Cultuur: Prehistorisch, Neolithisch
Eeuw / Periode: 5 - 2 Millennium BC
Materiaal: Steen
Dimensies (in cm): 15,5 x 4,5 cm
Staat: Goede staat, zie foto
Oorsprong: Duitsland

Neolithic Stone Battle Axe with drilled shaft-hole/Graffiti,
3500-2000 BC.
It’s been suggested by scholars that it was also a Parade weapon, Insignia of power and military superiors. In early cultures symbol of fertility.

For similar published archaeological examples see:
Weaponry of societies of the Northern Pontic culture circle: 5000-700 BC. Poznań : Adam Mickiewicz University, Institute of Prehistory, 2001

Size: Length 15,5 cm, Height 4.5 cm, Width 6,1 cm, diameter of shaft-hole: 25 to 24 mm.
Made of dense dark gray and green granite, the blade with slight crescent-shaped cutting edge, wide middle part vertical shaft-hole and a finely designed close round butt. Finely polished all over with perfect ancient patina. Drilled from both ends, horizontal parallel grooves are polished a well, different diameters of top and bottom.

Beautiful and Well Preserved Neolithic Artifact.
Has light sings of usage in Prehistoric times on the blade (Please check actual photos).

The Neolithic period was the last phase of Stone Age and is characterized by the use of ground or polished stone weapons, tools and implements.The Neolithic tools & weapons: axes and hammers, adzes and chisels, knives and scrapers, sickle and hoe were used for cereal cultivation and animal domestication.The Chalcolithic (or Eneolithic) era marks a transition period to the Bronze Age with the introduction of Bronze metallurgy. In Europe the arrival of bronze tools and weapons did not play a noticeable role in production for household or military craft. Stone still was used for implements or battle weapons. Many of them were multi-purpose tools that could be used as hoes, working axes, adzes, chisels and battle axes depending of the method of fastening the haft. 

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Purchased by the Vendor in 2005, Leipzig, Germany from collector Ms. Inka Khmelinska. Previously in Poland private collection formed on the beginning of 20th Century.

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Will be shipped by registered postal service
No need for export license when shipped to other EU countries.
The seller of this lot hereby guarantees that this object was obtained legally.

The seller will inform the buyer about this if acquiring the proper permits and shipping the lot takes more than a few days.

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Ae Andrew-Miller  

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    tempi troppo lunghi per la consegna e nessuna risposta per informazioni...........
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    LucaTerribile 22 februari 2018

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    kultur1 20 februari 2018

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    Sorry, its more the 5 kg... for simple parcels we are happy to charge Euro 6-10.
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    H2G 20 februari 2018

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    Good evening, as per our shipping Agent, delivery of your parcel scheduled for Feb 23 - 27. Its too heavy and contain a lot of metal (about 5 kg) - custom clearance took time.
    Please not worry - it will be delivered shortly.
    Yours sincerely
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  • ship from the oukrain

    NostalgischeKeukentjes 18 februari 2018

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    Very fast delivery! Its all OK!!!!!! Many thanks for order and to seller!!!! I am waiting new your auctions!
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    HistoryofRussia 11 februari 2018

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