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Deepest Blue/Fire fluorescent Amber pendant in solid 925 silver, 14.8 grams weight

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Kavelnummer 16026259

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Silver 925 - 4 1/2 cm overall height, amber size 26 mm high x 20 mm wide, 14.8 grams weight

Type: Hanger
Materiaal: Zilver
Geslacht: Dames
Maat: 4 1/2 cm overall height
Totaal Gewicht (in g): 14.8 grams
Staat: Als nieuw - ongebruikt

Rarest type of Sumatra Amber with deep blue surface hue and "fire" inside - no longer available as raw material (Sumatra coal mines of Bukit Barisan mountains where sourced are exhausted - check it online).

The UV spectre of sun rays is invisible by bare eye. Uniqueness of Blue amber is in that UV is completely absorbed and does not penetrate or pass through the amber (this phenomenon is called the Usambara Effect). So Blue Amber «catches the sun». I.e. what is normally invisible - becomes visible. You and your beloved ones effectively see the sun on your chest!

No filters or flash used while taking pix - you see natural colours under various light conditions and backgrounds.

Not pressed, not modified, not copal (blue copal neither exists nor fluoresces). Carved from the whole piece of amber and dressing in silver ordered on special commission and individual design - no other one like it. Amber is high water pressure-carved from vintage raw material hand-picked by myself. Please see our Catawiki feedback from happy buyers of our exclusive Amber jewellery.

Amazing deep blue surface hue seen under normal light conditions. The blue reflections caused by natural sulphur inclusions are extraordinary: when you look at it (reflecting light) - it appears deep blue, but when through it - displays red "fire" plus various red hues - very rare. Please take a note of wonderful inclusions 20 - 40 million years old. Colour plays all the way to magnificent blue.

One-off individual design on special order.

UV fluorescence pix included. Salt water test passed as usual (amber cabochon floating).

US Gemmological Institute of America revealed the blue colour of the Sumatran Amber is the result of surface fluorescence stimulated by UV light. The UV is completely absorbed and does not penetrate or pass through the amber. As mentioned above, this phenomenon is called the Usambara Effect. Study of the origins by US GIA concluded Sumatran blue were produced by the extinct tree species Hymenaea Protera 20 to 40 million years ago. 

Rope/string - for display only. Import taxes and duties (if any) to be paid by the Buyer. Posted by EMS tracked from Indonesia where I spend the dull British autumn & winter.

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Gb ruboko  

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Lid sinds: 15 februari 2016
  • Let op. Sommige gedeeltes op deze pagina zijn automatisch vertaald.
    Joli pendentif hélas l'ambre bleue du sujet comme sur la photo n'apparait pas.. Couleur plutot noiratre pourquoi ? Les autres couleurs elles sont réelles et superbes... Un peu decu donc
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    Jhesie 24 mei 2018

    Reactie verkoper
    Let op. Sommige gedeeltes op deze pagina zijn automatisch vertaald.
    Blue colour seen under direct sunlight as stated in the listing, and this is exactly what makes it unusual - different colours under different light conditions. Please put it under the direct sunlight and (hopefully) you will correct the feedback.
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  • Very nice and fine carving.

    mdjb 7 mei 2018

  • Let op. Sommige gedeeltes op deze pagina zijn automatisch vertaald.
    Very pleased with the amber, & Oleg was very helpful as the piece took over 3 weeks to arrive after posting date.
    The piece was posted in Indonesia so bear this in mind.
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    BARBron 24 april 2018

  • Nog niets aangekomen. Tracing is gestopt.

    Drabi 11 april 2018

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    Tracking just shows it is in transit having left Jakarta. Parcel being 15 kilo weight with free shipping could not have been posted by air - air price would have been in the region of USD 700. So this is ground/sea shipping. Please give it some more time. Alternatively I can ask the exact location in the Central posr office here if you want me to do so.
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  • Let op. Sommige gedeeltes op deze pagina zijn automatisch vertaald.
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    caiasia 6 april 2018

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