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Bang & Olufsen BeoCord 2000

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Kavelnummer 15472119
Bang & Olufsen BeoCord 2000

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For its age it is in amazing condition, 1966-1967

Merk: Bang & Olufsen
Soort: Bandrecorder
Staat: Zeer Goed

This is the highly acclaimed, almost legendary, Beocord 2000 reel to reel tape recorder dating from the mid to late 1960's. This is the model with speakers fitted into the top cover - which makes it look like a smart suitcase when closed. It is in two-track format – scroll down for complete details.
This deck has been carefully cleaned inside and out, pulleys wiped carefully, belts checked for wear and replaced where necessary and heads cleaned gently.

Playback is verry good and without any wow or flutter or loss of audio quality [checked using a classical piano concerto tape] - the transport and wind and rewind are excellent as are the tensioning arms - it works on all three speeds and both top and bottom heads. The tape meter works.

It amplifies external signals and the red record lights work on the meters.
For its age it is in amazing condition. There is some background noise from the motor although I notice that one of the original 1960's reviews commented on the same point.

The only thing is that I cannot find out how to record - I have tried several different combinations of converter leads and inputs [all 5 pin DIN configuration] but without success. However, given that all else works and that I have no manual, this maybe user error.

Tape Speeds: 1 7/8, 3.75, 7.5 2- or 4-track versions available; maximum reel size 7 in.
Fast Wind: Approximately 2 minutes for 1800 feet of tape; automatic shut off by mechanical trip and/or metal foil
Mechanical Controls: Motor switch and speed selector, tape movement lever, counter reset button, pause control lever with latch
Electrical Controls: Push-button switches as follows: amplifier on/off (supplementary to motor switch), upper and lower track record (interlocked with tape motion lever), synchro (for recording synchronous sound), monitor (connecting internal amplifiers to input or to playback), mode buttons (connecting internal amplifiers to upper or lower tracks, stereo or double mono), echo record button, external and internal loudspeaker connecting buttons and a muting button to reduce instantaneously the volume of the latter
Slider stereo gain controls as follows: one each for the three circuit input mixer normally one microphone, one pickup, one radio, a fourth for the playback amplifiers
Rotary stereo ganged controls for bass and treble tone control, for balance (all on playback only) and echo volume
Inputs (pre-amplifiers can be interchanged on a plug-in basis, the normal complement is as follows): Microphone 50-200 Ohms balanced sensitivity 50 microvolts, Gramophone for magnetic pickup 33 K/Ohms, sensitivity 2 mV at 1000 c/s equalized, Radio 45 K/Ohms sensitivity 2 mV
Outputs: line outputs to external amplifiers unaffected by controls nominally 0.775 Volt at 45 K/Ohms, speaker outputs internal and external 4 Ohms 8 Watts per channel
Amplifiers: 2 channel microphone, gramophone and radio pre-amplifiers each using two AC107 and two AC126 transistors, 2 channel playback amplifiers using a total of six AC126, two power amplifiers each using ACI07, AC128, AC127, AC132 and two AD139
Erase Oscillator: two AC128, 100 Rc/s
Power Supply (including automatic overload protection and regulator circuit): two 0075, AC128, AD140, 15/5170B, two BYZ13
Heads: record stereo 15 mH 10 micron gap, playback stereo, 30 mM, 3 micron gap, erase 2 mH 100 micron gap (in the two track version there are two overlapping erase heads for full width erasure)
Frequency Response: at 7.5 ips 30-20,000 c/s (±2 dB 40-16,000 c/5( at 3.75 ips 30-16,000 c/s (±2 dB 40-12,000 e/s( at l ips 30-8,000 c/s (±2 dB 50.6,000 c/s
Signal to Noise Ratio: better than 55 dB for 3% distortion in two track version, 50 dB in four track
Channel Separation: better than 45 dB. Wow and Flutter: at 7.5 ips .075 RMS and 0.2% peak, at 3.75 ips .11% RMS and 0.3% peak, at 1 7/8 ips .18% RMS and 0.5% peak
Speed: within 1% (Papst synchronous motor)
Loop Compensator: two mechanically damped levers take up stack and prevent snatch
Recording Level: by twin moving coil edgewise meters, illuminated white changing to red in the record condition
Power Supply: 220 Volts (wide tolerance–see later) 50 c/s 90 Watts maximum at full power output
Weight and Dimensions: table model - 35 lbs, 17.75 in. wide, 14 in. deep and 7.5 in. high: suitcase model - 46 lbs 10.5 in. high

Dimensions: 250mm high, 450mm wide, 355mm deep ,

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At Joanna T  

Aantal beoordelingen: 5
Lid sinds: 28 december 2016
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    1 løs bil havde fået nogle skader under transport
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    Langetved 29 december 2017

  • Snel verzonden, prima verpakt, produkt in zeer goede staat.

    ameerun 8 augustus 2017

  • A lot of difficulties with the delivery but Joanna was very helpful. The lamp was very well packed.

    baswauman 4 mei 2017

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De rest van Europa € 49,00
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