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Lot of 69 Vinyl singles Singers & Crooners with a.o. Barbra Streisand, Frank Sinatra, Shirley Bassie, Tom Jones, Judy Collins

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fifties to eighties

Mediabron: 45-toerenplaat (Single)
Staat: Zeer Goed +

Dutch pressings unless otherwise indicated
condition (media / sleeve)

Al Jolson: [The Al Jolson Story Vol. II] My Mammy / Ol' Man River 1955 (EX / EX), German pressing Brunswick 10 182 EPB [EP]
Andy Williams: Almost There 1965 (VG- / White), CBS 1.967
Andy Williams: Battle Hymn Of The Republic 1968 (EX / EX), CBS 3756
Anita Bryant: My Little Corner Of The World 1960 (VG+ / White), British pressing London American Recording 45-Hl-L 9171
Barbra Streisand: Where Is The Wonder 1965 (EX / White), American pressing Columbia 4-43323
Barbra Streisand: Second Hand Rose 1965 (VG+ / VG-), CBS 1.984
Barbra Streisand & Neil Diamond: You Don't Bring Me Flowers 1978 (EX / VG+), CBS 6803
Barbra & Neil: You Don't Bring Me Flowers 1978 (NM / VG++), British pressing CBS S CBS 6803
Barbra Streisand: Woman In Love 1980 (VG++ / VG+), European pressing CBS 8966
The Beverley Sisters: Greenfields 1960 (EX / White), Columbia 45 DB 4444
Billy Joel: Goodnight Saigon 1982 (NM / EX), European pressing CBS A 3029
Billy Joel Featuring Ray Charles: Baby Grand 1986 (M / NM), European pressing CBS 650501 7
Bobby Goldsboro: Blue Autumn 1966 (VG+ / White), United Artists Records UA 25.488
Cilla Black: Alfie 1966 (EX / White), British pressing Parlophone R 5427
David Garrick: Ave Maria 1967 (EX / EX), Pye Records 35398
Demis Roussos My Reason: 1972 (VG+ / White), French pressing Philips 6009 249
Demis Roussos: For Ever And Ever 1973 (EX / VG+), Philips 6009 331
Demis Roussos: Goodbye My Love Goodbye 1973 (VG+ / VG+), Philips 6009 364
Demis Roussos: Goodbye My Love Goodbye 1973 (VG+ / VG+), German pressing Philips 6009 318
Demis Roussos: My Friend The Wind 1973 (NM / VG+), Philips 6009 388
Demis Roussos: From Souvenirs To Souvenirs 1975 (EX / VG-), French pressing 6009 632
Demis Roussos: Follow Me 1982 (NM / EX), Mercury 6200 039
Demis Roussos: Lost In Love 1980 (EX / VG+), Mercury 6000 419
Diana Ross: Why Do Fools Fall In Love 1981 (NM / VG+), German pressing Capitol Records 1C 006-86 442
Ed Ames: My Love Is Gone For Me 1967 (VG++ / White), American pressing RCA Victor 47-9400
Eddie Fisher: Tonight 1961 (VG++ / White), London American Recording Hl 9469
Engelbert Humperdinck: Release Me 1967 (EX / VG++), Decca AT 15 057
Engelbert Humperdinck: On The Wings Of A Silver Bird 1987 (NM / NM), CNR 145.345
Eydie Gorme: Yes My Darling Daughter 1962 (VG+ / Fantasy), british pressing CBS AAG 105
Frank Sinatra: Theme From New York, New York 1980 (EX / EX), Benelux pressing Reprise Records REP 14502
Frank Sinatra: Say Hello 1981 (EX / EX), Reprise Records REP 14.513
George Chakiris: [George Chakiris Sings] Put On A Happy Face / The Sound Of Music 1961 (VG+ / EX), British pressing Fontana TFE 17387 / 465 192 TE [EP]
Harry Belafonte: Island In The Sun 1957 (EX / White), German pressing RCA 47-6885
Harry Belafonte: Mary's Boy Child 1956 (EX / White), German pressing RCA Victor 47-6735
Harry Belafonte: Eden Was Just Like This / Shenandoa 1957 (EX / EX), British pressing RCA Victor RCX-103 [EP]
Harry Belafonte: [Tops By Belafonte] Round The Bay Of Mexico / Fifteen 1959, German pressing EPA 9666 [EP]
Harry Belafonte: [Sings The Blues And Other] The Marching Saints / Did You Hear About Jerry 1958 (EX / White), German pressing RCA EPA 4263 [EP]
Harry Belafonte with The Norman Luboff Choir: Jump Down, Spin Around 1957 (EX / White), German pressing RCA 47-6785
Harry Secombe: This Is My Song 1967 (EX / VG+), Philips 326 787 BF
Jane Morgan: Fascination 1978 (EX / White), american pressing Kapp Records KJB-14
Jo Stafford: Thank You For Calling 1955 (VG+ / VG+), Philips 321 332 BF
Joan Baez: [Joan Baez II] Long Black Veil / Don't Think Twice, It's All Right 1967 (EX / EX), Austrian pressing Amadeo AVRS EP 15619 [EP]
John Gary: If 1963 (EX / White), American pressing RCA Victor 41.711
Judy Collins: Send In The Clowns 1975 ( EX / VG++), Elektra ELK 12.177
Kamahl: Save The Whale (Romanzo) 1980 (NM / EX), Philips 6038 018
Lionel Richie: Hello 1983 (EX / VG-), Motown ZB-64306
Marlene Dietrich: Sag Mir Wo Die Blumen Sind / Die Welt War Jung 1962 (EX / EX), His Master’s Voice 7 EGH 1011 [EP]
Mieke Telkamp: Home Sweet Home 1962 (VG+ / White), Philips 318 215 PF
Mighty Sparrow-Byron Lee & The Dragonaires: Only A Fool 1969 (VG+ / White), Trojan Records 5N 006-60191
Paddy Roberts: Love Is A Wonderful Thing 1961 (EX / White), British pressing Decca 45-F 11446
Paul Robeson: [Paul Robeson Favourites] Ol'man River / It Ain't Necessarily So 1959 (EX / EX), Philips Minigroove 429 475 BE
Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack: Tonight I Celebrate My Love 1983 (NM / EX), Capitol 1A 006-1867267
Peggy Lee: Mr. Wonderful 1957 (EX / VG+), German pressing Brunswick 12 105
Randy Crawford: Why 1983 (NM / EX), Warner Bros Records 92 9438 7
Randy Crawford, Featuring Eric Clapton And David Sanborn: Knockin' On Heaven’s Door 1989 (EX / White), European pressing Warner Bros Records 7599-22865 7
Roger Whittaker: Handful Of Dreams 1967 (EX / EX), Columbia CH 3102
Roger Whittaker: If I Were A Rich Man 1967 (EX / EX), Belgian pressing Columbia DCB 73
Roger Whittaker: I Don't Believe In If Anymore 1970 (EX / White), Philips 6079 001
Sandie Shaw: Tomorrow 1967 (VG- / White), Pye 7N 17036
Shirley Bassie: This Is My Life 1979 (EX / White), American pressing United Artists Records Ua-X1303-Y
Shirley Bassie: [As I Love You] Kiss Me, Honey, Honey, Kiss Me / As I Love You 1958 (VG+ / VG+), British pressing Philips BBE 12212
Teddy Johnson & Pearl Carr: Sing Little Birdie 1959 (EX /White), Columbia 45-DB 4275
Teddy Reno: Noi 1960 (VG+ / White), Italoian pressing RCA 5N 1023
Tom Jones: Help Yourself 1968 (VG / White), Decca AT 15 109
Tom Jones: Green, Green Grass Of Home 1966 (VG+ / White), Decca F 12 526
Tony Christie: Don't Go Down To Reno 1972 (VG+ / White), Belgian pressing MCA Records MCS 5981
Tony Christie: Las Vegas 1970 (VG++ / White), Italian pressing MCA Records MCS 4297
Vera Lynn: Land Of Hope And Glory 1962 (EX / White), His Master's Voice 7 MH 1092; zwart label
Vera Lynn: Land Of Hope And Glory 1962 (EX / White), His Master’s Voice 7 Mh 1092; paars label

+ bonus item of lesser quality
Sandie Shaw: I’d Far Better Off Without You 7N 15743

plastic sleeves are not included in the sale

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Nl Freek44  

Feedbackscore: 97.0
Aantal beoordelingen: 70
Lid sinds: 8 oktober 2014
  • Prima platen erg tevreden.

    ljhabraken 21 september 2018

  • Let op. Sommige gedeeltes op deze pagina zijn automatisch vertaald.
    Lot sold "very good - VG + & EX", the illustrated pockets to put in the trash, 90% of the discs in "poor at best" scratched, out of breath! ... we do not have the same notion of notation.
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    GNI71 14 juni 2018

    Reactie verkoper

    I'm sorry to hear that you are so disappointed about the singles. I think we have different opinions.
    I see two options:
    1) Tell me what you think is the best price Maybe we can come to an agreement
    2) Send the singles back to me and I return you the auction price.
  • Let op. Sommige gedeeltes op deze pagina zijn automatisch vertaald.
    The singles was were bad condition, only 30 was good condition.
    I get something answer from seller but it was just the link from page where I can get feedback.
    Vertaling bekijken Automatisch vertaald. Uitzetten

    jukkishki17 2 juni 2018

    Reactie verkoper
    Hi Jukka Jäntti,

    A little strange that you sent this feedback 9 months after I sent the shipment. It was an average media quality of VG+/EX, I remember especially the Rolling Stones singles of super quality. They came from my own collection. Are you sure you sent the feedback to the right person? Please look into it. I wait for your response.
  • Alles prima in orde. Bedankt.

    verstraeten 18 mei 2018

  • Ik heb nog niets ontvangen. De verkoper heeft dit ook te laat verstuurd.

    CeesSchoutens 9 mei 2018

  • Let op. Sommige gedeeltes op deze pagina zijn automatisch vertaald.
    Vertaling bekijken Automatisch vertaald. Uitzetten

    gerardduprez 25 april 2018


    group4 20 maart 2018

  • OKOKOKOKOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    group4 10 januari 2018

  • Het item is keurig bij mij afgeleverd. Dank je wel

    karilente1 29 december 2017

  • Mooie singles en vlotte afhandeling!

    favoritethings 14 november 2017

  • Let op. Sommige gedeeltes op deze pagina zijn automatisch vertaald.

    AAA +++ Really winding up!! Thank you and with pleasure again! To recommend very much!
    Vertaling bekijken Automatisch vertaald. Uitzetten

    swiss57 9 oktober 2017

  • Alles snel en perfect aangekomen

    Hi-bees 29 september 2017

  • Vlotte levering, mooie singles!

    favoritethings 22 juli 2017

  • Let op. Sommige gedeeltes op deze pagina zijn automatisch vertaald.
    Los vinilos bien las caratulas llevan una etiqueta gigantesca pegada con pegamento imposible de retirar debería haber incluido imágenes traseras no habría pujado
    Vertaling bekijken Automatisch vertaald. Uitzetten

    panpiuter 5 juli 2017


    group4 23 mei 2017

  • Het item is keurig bij mij afgeleverd. Dank je wel

    karilente1 8 april 2017

  • Prima verpakt en goed aangekomen.

    Styx 21 maart 2017

  • Let op. Sommige gedeeltes op deze pagina zijn automatisch vertaald.
    Everything was like in description.
    Vertaling bekijken Automatisch vertaald. Uitzetten

    ConstantinArhir 6 februari 2017

  • Snelle verzending, top

    klop64 20 januari 2017

  • Alles in orde.

    verstraeten 11 januari 2017

  • Let op. Sommige gedeeltes op deze pagina zijn automatisch vertaald.
    Received today. Good packing. Condition nearly as expected. Maybe you should have written that there has been animals in some of the sleeves. But ok, I am very glad for the French EP, so I keep them.
    Vertaling bekijken Automatisch vertaald. Uitzetten

    Mussi13 5 januari 2017

  • je kan spijkers op laag water zoeken,ik wil dat niet,prima verzending,alleen jammer van de open hoesjes van 3 kantjes,dus positief.

    Sander70 7 december 2016


    group4 6 november 2016

  • Let op. Sommige gedeeltes op deze pagina zijn automatisch vertaald.
    Super alles bestens
    Vertaling bekijken Automatisch vertaald. Uitzetten

    Leuchte 4 oktober 2016

  • Let op. Sommige gedeeltes op deze pagina zijn automatisch vertaald.
    Great records and fast shipping - thank you and all the best !
    Vertaling bekijken Automatisch vertaald. Uitzetten

    micjau 7 september 2016

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