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Louis-Claude Malbranche (1790-1838)(attributed to) - Chariot au cheval éreinté dans la neige

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Kavelnummer 13724707
Louis-Claude Malbranche (1790-1838)(attributed to) - Chariot au cheval éreinté dans la neige

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Oil on oak panel with annotation non the back

Techniek: Olieverf op paneel
Jaar: 19th century
Editie: Original
Titel van kunstwerk: Chariot au cheval éreinté dans la neige
Handtekening: Ongesigneerd
Kunstenaar: Louis-Claude Malbranche (1790-1838)
Verkoop met lijst: Nee
Gewicht (in kg): 4
Maat afbeelding (in cm): 50 X 35

Louis-Claude Malbranche (1790-1838)(attributed to) - Chariot au cheval éreinté dans la neige
Oil on oak panel, annotated on the back.
Size: 50 x 35 cm
Expert Master Casal Le Puy in Velay - Haute Loire
Provenance: private collection
The work undoubtedly bears the mark of the artist.
A harsh and moving theme!

Defects: The panel split lengthwise and was repaired with tenons on the back of the painting (see photos).
Painting in excellent condition.

Malbranche gained most of his reputation through his snow landscapes ; he defeated, as much as possible, the difficulty and monotony of the subject. In other parts of the landscape, some critics criticised him that it was too easy and that it was maybe because he needed to sell. Either way, his snow landscapes have an indisputable superiority over all others made by French painters in this genre and place him next to the great Flemish painters.

MALBRANCHE Louis-Claude, 1790-1838 (France)
Louis-Claude Malbranche (3 September 1790 in Caen - 4 November 1838 in Caen) was a French lithographer and painter of landscapes and seascapes.
At the confluence of romanticism, his paintings alternate landscapes and snow effects, a practice at which he excelled.

As a painter, Malbranche cooperated with Wagram. Then followed Tiltitt, Anvers, etc.

David and Vivant Denon, amongst others, had guessed his talent and gave him much evidence of their interest. It was not until 1816 or 1818 that Malbranche could leave his samples and keenly resume his studies of painting. In 1818, he exhibited ‘Marguerite d'Anjou’ and ‘Mendiant sous le portail de Saint-Germain-l’Auxerrois’. In 1820, he also exhibited ‘Enfant de chœur desservant l’autel de l’église Saint-Leu’. In 1822, he had his first snow effect at a salon, a painting purchased by the Duke of Orleans. From that moment on, he was able to actively engage in the study of landscape which he was fond of. His first attempts were in the forest of Fontainebleau.

He made at least one trip per year which provided him with a large number of sketches and drew many locations in Rouen, Le Havre, Honfleur, Lisieux, Évreux and Caen. He also travelled across France in all directions : his excursions extended to Piedmont and Switzerland ; but a feeling of predilection often brought him back to his native Normandy where he returned in 1821, 1827, 1832 and 1833. It was also in his hometown where he was so removed from his art, his family and friends.

When he died, Malbranche had missed no exhibition since 1824 and always had five or six paintings in each one. He sold three to the civil list, two effects of snow and one of moonlight, a souvenir from Le Havre. He obtained the gold medal at the exhibition of 1830 as a landscapist ; in Douai, he receive a large silver medal ; he received two in Valenciennes but he had already died when the news arrived to his family. His significant paintings are, in addition to those purchased by the King, une vue de Dinan ; la vallée de Fleury ; la retraite de Russie ; la chasse au héron ; l’entrée d’un chenal, côtes de Normandie ; la vallée de Munster ; une vue du Mont-Blanc ; un souvenir des Alpes, Effet de lune et de lumière ; plusieurs grèves ; des vues de Normandie, de Bretagne, de Picardie et des Vosges.

Georges Mancel, Annuaire des cinq départements de la Normandie, Caen, A. Le Roy, 1838, p. 454-6.

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