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Early Christianity Brick, 350 x 225 mm

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Kavelnummer 13681935
Early Christianity Brick, 350 x 225 mm

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Early Christian art, 5th-6th A. D.

Early Christian art emerged at the dawn of the Christian religion, during the Roman occupation. A type of art that in its beginning lived hidden, often persecuted.
Bricks, made with manual moulds for their later cooking, could contain a stamp or seal, on many occasions was simply the brand of the workshop, or as in this case, a religious design. These bricks were used as headstone to cover Christian graves.
In this brick we see the mark of a smaller, square mould in which we observe the main emblem of early Christian art, the Chi Rho.
The Chi Rho is an image formed by the initials of Christ, the X and the P, sacred emblem that was used in occult and persecuted art from early Christian times.
In addition, this Chi Rho is accompanied by two other Christian religious emblems such as the dove, symbol of peace and the Eucharist, and the ear, symbol of the resurrection.

Material: Terracotta
Period: 5th-6th A. D.
Condition: In good condition, please observe the photographs.
Dimensions: 350 x 225 mm
Origin: Acquired in the year 2016 in Barcelona, formerly belonged to a particular collection.

Seller guarantees that this lot has been legally obtained.
The declaration of origin took place in the archive of Catawiki.

Important information:
Seller guarantees that he has the right to send this lot.
Seller will handle all necessary permits.
Seller will inform buyer about this if it takes more than a few days.
In case of being exported to a non EU country, shipment will take a few more days because it needs to be approved by the Spanish Ministerio de Exportaciones.

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    1Stefan 20 oktober 2017

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    We apologize for the inconveniences and problems with your order. The piece you kindly bought was unusually rejected by the Spanish customs as it is a "weapon". We again asked the Ministry of Culture of Spain for another license with which, in theory, we should have been able to send the package. However, this was rejected again by customs. We called and informed with several transport agencies without success, but we never give up trying to give a good service to a client and answer all messages. At the end you decided to cancel your order before we were able to solve the problem. Of course we understand you are disappointed and we are very sorry for that, but we tried to do our best.
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    Top Ware erhalten. Perfekte Abwicklung. Vielen Dank.
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    JSCH1900 31 augustus 2017

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    djermag 17 juli 2017

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    Great piece and great packaging. Thank you very much. A pleasure buying from you.
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    Blanchedewind 12 juli 2017

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