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Mythical Animal and Rider - DOGON - Mali - NO RESERVE

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Kavelnummer 13473945

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Early 20th Century, 1st quarter

A stunning Dogon mythical animal rider figure. This is one of those Dogon animals that keeps you guessing to what it is or could be. The figure has an aged patina with a few age cracks and one of the legs on the animal is slightly shorter, sadly the Dogon never carved these beauties to sit on display plinths.

Provenance: This little beauty was an attic find of an old couple who did missionary work in Africa between 1900-1920.

Tribe: Dogon
Origin: Mali
Approx Age: Early 20th Century
Materials: Wood
Dimensions cm: 39 tall
Ref. Number: 1023
Shipping: Tracked, signed and insured

Dogon art presents a broad range of object types and styles. Among the human figures alone, some are well over life-size, while others are barely a few inches in height. Their repertoire of gestures is also varied, and includes figures standing, kneeling, sitting, or riding, raising one or both arms in a variety of poses, and holding or wearing articles related to their gender, age, occupation, or social status. In style they vary from full-volumed, sensitively modelled sculptures that are highly descriptive in their details to works that are reduced to abstract geometric shapes stripped of all but the barest references to human anatomy. The surfaces of Dogon sculptures also suggest that they are treated in a variety of ways and may therefore have a range of meanings. While some works are smooth, oiled, and polished, others are thickly coated with sacrificial materials, sometimes to the point of obscuring their sculptural form. The range of styles and imagery seen in Dogon sculpture suggests that they embody richer and more varied references than the simple identification as images of Nommo would encompass. Even if the ultimate meaning of Dogon art depends upon the concept of Nommo, as Griaule and Dieterlen and their followers propose, this meaning can only be enriched by adding to it the many other levels of meaning that arise from the particular settings in which the objects are located.

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Gb Karl Norton UK  

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  • Let op. Sommige gedeeltes op deze pagina zijn automatisch vertaald.
    Very well. Two really interesting objects. Thank you

    renatowiki 19 oktober 2017

  • Let op. Sommige gedeeltes op deze pagina zijn automatisch vertaald.
    La poulie est très belle avec patine d'utilisation, mais le masque Pwo n'a rien d'exceptinnel; Bonnes pièces .

    lovviere 11 oktober 2017

  • Jammer dat de klepel bij de grote bel ontbreekt, maar had ik zelf beter op de foto gekeken, was ik niet verrast. Wel een mooi item!

    Autenticidad 11 oktober 2017

  • Let op. Sommige gedeeltes op deze pagina zijn automatisch vertaald.
    Very well packed and timely delivered, absolutely no problems. Product as described in the briefing.

    tonks 11 oktober 2017

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    Parfait, très bonne communication, emballage soigné, à recommander.

    oliviergroscaux 30 september 2017

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