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Pelikan The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

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Kavelnummer 12761681
Pelikan The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

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Limited edition production 2009 410 copies

Product description

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Tribute to aesthetics and technical skills
King Nebuchadnezzar II had the gardens built around 600 before our time for his wife Amytis. It should represent a piece of her lush green homeland of Persia in the desert like region of Babylonia. According to tradition exotic trees, bushes, flowers and herbs grew on the step-like terraces. It required a sophisticated system to irrigate it with water from the Euphrates River. In this way, the hanging gardens combine an aesthetic and a technical masterpiece. Inspired by this, the Pelikan fountain pen also combines great precision in manufacturing with traditional craftsmanship and design as well as technical skill. The precious writing instrument lies in front of two levels of the antique terraces. The setting indicates how terraces are supported by pillars and arched vaults. The ideal image of the staircase-shaped gardens can be found on the cap of the pen.
The hanging gardens of Babylon span about 120 meters on each side. The parts of the ascent that resemble a slope were arranged together like steps. So we know from history about the site that was destroyed early on. In the fourth century BC, the Babylonian priest of Berossos probably first described the grounds based of Babylonian documents. Although his work is lost, a chronicler from the second century BC quoted from it and had knowledge of the glorious gardens alive. The horticulture must have seemed like hanging parks to the viewer. There was advanced technical knowledge behind it. It is likely that the walls and pillars of support construction mainly consisted of fired bricks, and ran under the individual terrace corridors. The base of each individual terrace was probably equipped with pipes, natural asphalt, roof tiles, and slabs of lead, so that the water could not drain away. The top layer consisted of fertile humus.
About this edition.
With the "The seven wonders of the world" edition, Pelican combines high standards: The perfectly shaped workmanship is just as much a standard as the design implementation of the respective edition theme. The pen “The Hanging Gardens of Babylon” combines German precision work with elements of a bygone period in limited edition. Every detail is designed and made with dedication: The gold-plated cap portrays four terraces in levels in detail and in an artful manner. Repeated varnishing and polishing puts precious shine on the dark green shaft. Framed by gold-plated rings it ends in the masterfully worked pen front. The handmade 18 carat gold nib is decorated with an individual imprint of the terraces. With elegance, it combines functionality, durability, and beauty together. The engraving of the edition number on the handle end of the pen marks each copy as unique piece. Only 410 of these fine writing instruments were made by Pelikan. The number stands for the work of the Babylonian priest of Berossos dating from the fourth century BC. As one of the first writers known to us, he ensured that the magnificent terraces would never be forgotten.
The pen “The Hanging Gardens of Babylon” was released in 2009 and was published in limited edition of 410 copies.

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De Emily2007  

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Lid sinds: 25 februari 2017
  • Everything OK, 100 % happy

    Vinmax 15 december 2017

  • Pen is beautiful. Arrived somewhat late but due to excellent communication with seller everything worked out fine. I surely recommend this seller.

    mijnnaamis 16 september 2017

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