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Antique Tellurium Jan Felkl & son Roztok, Prague, Bohemia

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Kavelnummer 12715165
Antique Tellurium Jan Felkl & son Roztok, Prague, Bohemia

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1880-1890 Antique Scientific Instrument, Austro-Hungarian Empire

Tellurium Jan Felkl & son Roztok, Prague, Bohemia, Austro-Hungarian Empire, 1880-1890 Antique Scientific Instrument
This Rare Tellurium is an astronomical demonstration device with a globe covered with 12 lithographed colored paper goes, copperized cast iron stand with a crank handle, a candle is lit to represent the sun.
This piece (Tellurium) is in good condition missing the moon(the small globe of the moon) and also the zodiac ring and the candle holder as you can see on the pictures.
Age-related condition. The orrery is in a good condition, the metal surfaces are partially slightly rubbed. The paper segments of the globe and turntable show small blemishes. The paper is slightly toned. The orrery is fully functional; no guarantee.
Globe in the Czech language. The "Jan Felkl & son firm" made globes, planetariums, telluriums, and Lunaria in over 17 languages.
Period:19th century
Size: High 53cm, long 72cm
If you need insurance for the shipping of this product please contact us. An extra payment will be required for the insurance.
The product will be shipped maximum in 2 days(ONLY if we receive all the confirmation that you want the insurance + information about the receiver)
We will send via EMS, DHL, FedEx or TNT with a recharge of 100 EUR.(No insurance)
Personal pickup is possible in Prague, Czech Republic. Free of charge.
Literature: cf. Jan Felkl, Das Tellurium nebst Lunarium - Anleitung zu dessen Behandlung und Verwendung in der Schule sowohl, als auch im Privatunterrichte, Rostok bei Prag, 1879
In the late 19th Century, the Prague firm of J. Felkl and Son became the leading European globe maker, producing a variety of globes for export throughout Europe and to the United States. These globes were produced primarily for use in schools and institutions, but also for home libraries.

Jan Felkl was born in Bohemia in the early 19th century. As early as 1855, Felkl offered an illustrated prospectus for globes in six various sizes. Within the next 20 years, Felkl rose to be the largest globe manufacturer within the Austro-Hungarian market, producing terrestrial and celestial globes in 17 languages, as well as lunar globes, planetaria, telluria, lunaria and induction globes. Felkl exhibited his globes the world exhibitions of 1867 in Paris and 1873 in Vienna.

Felkl's early globes were produced by engraving and hand coloring the gores. Greater production, estimated at 15,000 globes per year in 1873 was made possible with the development of lithography. Felkl founded his own "geographic lithographic institute" in Prague to produce globe gores and maps. One of the best known authors of the German Felkl globes was the Leipzig cartographer Otto Delitsch, who developed the idea of brown color tone graduation of height.

In 1870, Felkl moved his factory from Prague to Roztok and took his youngest son Christoph Zikmund as partner in his firm, renamed Felkl & Son. They employed up to 40 people and opened branches in Prague and Vienna. After the death of Jan Felkl in 1887, the firm was continued by the Felkl family until the mid 20th Century.

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