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Kilim Kozak, Turkey, 278 x 178 cm, 19th

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Kavelnummer 12191957
Kilim Kozak, Turkey, 278 x 178 cm, 19th

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In good condition.

Materiaal: Wol op wol

THE ARTWORK: This old kilim is a traditional folk art item; its ornaments are very simple and impressive given their purity. This peculiar simplicity of patterns reflects the character of the men of this region.
The horizontal stripes, which are filled only with broken lines, give it a somewhat harsh appearance, but the brightness of the colours adds a note of gaiety.
The friezes between the stripes present a vestige of the stylized Hittite eagle in staggered form; the two-headed bird with its wings spread out. The Hittites, an Indo-European tribe, colonized Anatolia from -2000 to -700 BC.

LOCATION: Linked by the road to Bergama, the small village of Kozak is situated on a plateau whose forest already attracted a crowd of people in search of healing in the time of the kingdom of Pergamum. Indeed, since ancient times it has been known for its pleasant climate and its forty million pines.
A large number of Romans came from afar to be treated by the unusual methods of Dr. Galien (129–216), healer of gladiators and of several emperors.

The inhabitants of this high plateau belong mostly to tribes of nomads, who exclusively use for their carpet, the best wool of their own herds, which explains the wonderful brilliance of their products dyed with natural plant-based colours.

ANECDOTE: Since we are on the road to Troy, let us stop for a moment to listen to Homer's voice: in the Iliad, Achilles covers the body of his friend Patroclus with a carpet featuring shimmering reflections, and King Priam unites a dozen carpets to pay Hector's ransom... The history of the carpet marks the history of man.

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  • Very nice rug, I am glad to find such a beautiful rug, I am very happy.

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    Produit et livraison parfaite ! Très sympathique contact
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U kunt dit kavel ook ophalen bij de verkoper: Lyon (RhonesAlpes), Frankrijk.

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