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Aziatische lifestyle veiling

Sarah Orford

Veilingmeester Sarah Orford

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Sarah Orford

Expert Sarah Orford

Stuur bericht

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Aziatische lifestyle veiling

Are you fond of Asian styles and designs? Are you looking for that perfect Asian design to complete your collection? Our Asiatic auction from post-1920s period includes special Asian decor and other Asian objects from a wide variety of Eastern countries. Our listings include many beautiful objects to fill your closet and home, such as vases, jewelry, sculptures, and more. Each available listing features individual objects or in special sets, offered by many different cultural influences. Each lot includes a description with the condition and images of each object. Our listings even include interesting documents and other written relics of Asian descent for any type of history enthusiast. Sign up on our website today to start browsing and bidding on the many Asian objects. Looking to sell objects from collection? At Catawiki, we provide a professional team of auctioneers to ensure a secure and easy selling process. Visit our Asian objects auction now to diversify your collection and enjoy a smooth auctioning experience. It’s quick, easy, and simple to use!

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